When I started this blog a few months ago, I intended to write every week. Although I had many topic ideas at the time, I soon realized I didn’t know where to start. My motivation for starting a blog was to explore current events, especially as they relate to middle-aged women with young grandchildren. I wanted a place to expand on conversations started by my friends, family and business associates on social media.

While I never planned to shy away from controversial topics, I didn’t necessarily want to lead with them in my first few posts. I was also wary of exposing my political views in this public forum where potential clients and publishers might see them. After reflecting on these things for a few weeks, I’ve decided not to worry about expressing my thoughts on a broad range of topics, in no particular order, as I would with a trusted friend.

I’m aware that most people who start blogs never make it past a few posts, but I don’t expect that will be a problem for me. For one thing, as anyone who knows me will agree, I love discussing current events and yes, that includes politics and religion. Okay, maybe my friends and family would say instead that I’m highly opinionated and talk too much. I expect this outlet to spare them from some of the thinking-out-loud habits of my highly extroverted personality.

So, you’veĀ been forewarned; few topics are off the table. If you still wish to join the conversation, subscribe to View From the Hill or visit when you can.

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