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View from the Hill

As one of the younger Baby Boomers, I don’t feel over the hill just yet. I worked very hard to climb it and, like the first Boomers now entering an adventurous retirement at age 70, I’ll stay on top of the hill for as long as I can. It’s from there I’ll be writing this blog: reflections of an ordinary suburban American woman with some extraordinary life experiences. I hope to pay forward some of the wisdom I’ve gained from mentors, friends and family of all ages over the years. This is my View From the Hill.

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About Carolyn Farmer Sampson

Hi, I’m Carolyn Farmer Sampson, freelance writer and grandmother; an ordinary woman with some extraordinary life experiences.

I was born with shortened, deformed arms and hands caused by my mother taking the drug thalidomide while pregnant. Thalidomide, manufactured and marketed by Chemie Grünenthal in Stolberg, Germany, was a sedative taken by men and women to relieve anxiety, insomnia and headaches. According to Gruenenthal, “Due to its sedative effects, women also used it to counter pregnancy-related discomforts, such as morning sickness.”

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Few topics are off the table

When I started this blog a few months ago, I intended to write every week. Although I had many topic ideas at the time, I soon realized I didn’t know where to start. My motivation for starting a blog was to explore current events, especially as they relate to middle-aged women with young grandchildren. I wanted a place to expand on conversations started by my friends, family and business associates on social media.

While I never planned to shy away from controversial topics, I didn’t necessarily want to lead with them in my first few posts.

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