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Month: February 2016

View from the Hill

As one of the younger Baby Boomers, I don’t feel over the hill yet. I worked very hard to climb it and, like the first Boomers now entering their 70s, I’ll stay on top of the hill for as long as I can. It’s from here I write this blog: reflections of an ordinary American woman with some extraordinary life experiences. I hope to share some of the wisdom I’ve gained from mentors, friends and family over the years. This is my View From the Hill.

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About Carolyn Farmer Sampson

View From the Hill is reflections on life by writer Carolyn Farmer Sampson through her lens as a U.S. thalidomide survivor, wife, mother and grandmother. Carolyn helps lead an effort to connect thalidomide survivors born or currently living in the United States and invites anyone with questions about the story of thalidomide in the U.S. to contact her.

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